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Tarte Cosmetics LE Tarteist Blush Palette Review


I’m so excited that Tarte Cosmetics (my guilty makeup obsession!) has released a BRAND NEW Limited Edition Blush palette called the Tarteist Blush Palette for Summer, 2016!

***Update 1/2018: I am selling this barely used/like new palette to make room in my makeup collection. Please contact me for details at***

I LOVE these blush palettes and I always buy them when they come out during Tarte’s Holiday releases. I had no idea they were releasing a blush palette for summer, since they’ve never done this before. So, I was pleasantly surprised when the news popped up in my email a few days ago!!

A few things about this blush palette. This blush palette contains four blushes, rather than the usual five that are in Tarte’s usual blush palettes, so the palette is smaller than the previous releases and the price is cheaper (retails for $38.00 instead of the usual price of $44.00). Each blush contains 4.5grams of product, which is what is typically the amount in Tarte’s previous blush palettes. When you break down the cost per blush, these blush palettes are an amazing deal, considering that Tarte’s regular, single blushes retail for $28.00 a piece.

The main difference is that Tarte’s regular blushes are made in the USA and Italy, whereas these palettes are always made in China with a completely different blush formula. Whenever Tarte releases holiday palettes, those are also made in China and contain a plethora of various formulas that are not the same as their usual line-up of products. However, this doesn’t bother me because I actually tend to prefer the blush formulas that are made in China, as opposed to Tarte’s regular blushes because they’re a bit easier to pick up product, to blend, and are usually very pigmented. If you’d like to read my previous review on Tarte’s other palettes that are out now you can view them here: Tarte Cosmetics Double Duty Beauty Eye & Cheek Palette Reviews and Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Review

Now, let’s move on to all the photos of this beautiful product!

Front of the Tarteist Blush Palette:


Back of the palette:


Width of the palette:


Inside of the palette:


The mirror can bend all the way down (as shown above) or can stand by itself as shown below.


All of the names are included underneath each shade, which is very much appreciated!



Live: Is a matte, bright pop of coral pink that is scarier in the pan than when applied. This shade is very buildable, so don’t be scared of it! This is a beautiful, lively shade for the warmer months!

Laugh: Is a shimmer shade that applies more like a sheen on the cheeks with no noticeable shimmer particles and is a lovely peach, rose with terracotta undertones and silver sheen.

Love: Is a semi-matte perfect, everyday dusky rose shade with a hint of mauve. It adds subtle dimension to the cheeks and reminds me a lot of Prim with a bit more rose.

Dream: Is a beautiful semi-matte berry rose with a plum undertone. This is definitely the most cool-toned blush of the bunch.

Each blush is about medium in depth and can be applied sheerly or be built up with a heavier hand so that every color would suit most, if not all skin-tones, which I love!


Finger Swatches:

Left to Right: Live, Laugh, Love


Finger Swatch: Dream


Arm Swatches:

Left to Right: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream


Left to Right: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream


Left to Right: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream


Bottom to Top: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream


Bottom to Top: Live, Laugh, Love, Dream


Overall, I love these blush palettes and this one is the smallest and most portable of the bunch, in my opinion. The palette is made of sturdy plastic with a snap closure, a large mirror, and has just enough variety to match every outfit and color combo you might be going for. You’ve got a coral, a peach, rose, and berry shade (to simplify the colors from my more in depth descriptions above). These palettes last me FOREVER, as well. No matter how many times I use a shade, I barely make a dent in it, so I believe these palettes are worth the money because each shade will go a very, very long way.

You can purchase this on Tarte’s website:

I hope you enjoyed my review and found the swatches/photos helpful! If you have any questions, please ask me below in the comments!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a beautiful day 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Tarte Cosmetics LE Tarteist Blush Palette Review

    1. Hi! Yes, there’s a similar shade variety in this palette in comparison to the other Tarte blush palettes, however, I think there’s definitely enough of a difference between this palette and their holiday blush palettes to justify the purchase! This palette in particular has more unique shades than their holiday palettes. There are no shades that are close dupes at all! Whereas I really didn’t need to get the 2015 holiday blush palette because it was so similar to the 2014 palette. You won’t find that here! Hope this helps.


  1. Hi. Since your blog is about wellness and natural, safe and toxic free cosmetics please know that Tarte is not an honest company. It is far from natural and uses many petrochemicals and unsafe ingredients. A quick look at their ingredients will tell you and if you google there are many bloggers pointing that out as well. Thought you’d like know 😃


    1. Hi! Yes, I’m well aware that Tarte is a greenwashed brand and I’ve stated that openly on my IG account, as well as my original blog post on Tarte’s brand. However, I like to include some brands that still fall into the Cruelty-Free category, even if they’re owned by a parent company who is not Cruelty-Free. Tarte’s ingredients are far from perfect, and you’re right, they’re not nearly as natural as they can be, but they are still better than a lot of other big brands that you can find at Ulta and Sephora. I think making small changes is better than no changes towards a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, I like to show people brands that are at least one step closer in the right direction. Not everyone will adopt a 100% Green lifestyle and do all or most of their shopping online. I’m sorry if you disagree with that stance, but I’m not here to argue with you. Have a peaceful day!


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