9 Weeks Pregnant Update!


9 Weeks Pregnant

Hi, loves! I’m currently 9 weeks, 1 day pregnant and I can finally say that I’m feeling more and more like myself with each passing day!

The baby is:

  • 1 inch long from crown to rump
  • Growing about 1mm every day!
  • The size of a medium olive
  • Graduated from the Embryonic stage to the Fetal Period!
  • The heart has divided into four chambers
  • It’s “tail” has disappeared!
  • The baby’s profile is taking shape, including the formation of the tip of his or her nose šŸ™‚
  • The baby is making teeny tiny movements that can’t be felt, yet as his or her limbs continue to grow and develop!

Pregnancy Symptoms

These past few weeks up until this past weekend have been really rough. Not just from feeling sick all the time (which, believe me, was certainly a large part of it), but it was mainly feeling like I felt no enjoyment out of my usual daily activities. Putting on makeup was an absolute chore, whereas before, putting on makeup was my zen time and I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t concentrate enough to read fiction books or to take in new information from non-fiction books. I felt like my body was not only being invaded by something (invasion of the body snatchers style), but it also felt like the part of me that is actually “me” was disintegrating before my very eyes. My hands were so shaky, from constant nerves, crippling anxiety, and just plain ole shaky hands! I had trouble taking pictures for Instagram and typing on my computer was nearly impossible. All I wanted to do was sleep…and then sleep some more. I joked with my husband to just wake me up when the baby’s born. I was really fading fast.

I couldn’t imagine how other women can possibly go on with their regular lives feeling like this, especially if it didn’t get better! I know sacrifices have to be made for the sake of greater things in life, but it was at the level of just seeming masochistic to me. I met with my OB a week and a half ago and he recommended a natural supplement called Cerenity to me for my anxiety and depression because it was at such an unhealthy level. I wanted to feel happy and grateful for being given the opportunity to be a mother and the gift to carry my own child in my womb. At that point, I just felt like I was slowly dying inside; a mere fragment of the person I used to be. I was scared I would never be myself, again. And then I was scared that I wouldn’t be the best person I could be for my future child. The worst thing I can imagine in life is being a sub-par mother. Having children is a choice, not a requirement and it’s a choice I took wholeheartedly. And children don’t ask to be born. So, my goal is to make the world my child is born into as loving and welcoming an environment as possible.

Each day that has passed since I met with my doctor, I felt a little bit better (aside from the ER fiasco 9 days ago). I really think it’s a combination of some of my pregnancy symptoms calming down, as well as my nerves and anxiety levels evening out from the Cerenity supplement. My overall level of nausea has gotten dramatically better, which is an amazing feeling. Absolutely amazing! And I actually enjoy reaching for my makeup items and deciding which colors to use that will match whatever outfit I’m wearing. I’ve also been able to be more present on Instagram and that makes me feel so good because the beautiful women I’ve met in the Green Beauty Community are so incredibly supportive and encouraging. They taught me that no two pregnancies are ever alike and no two women will ever have the same exact experiences during pregnancy. So, it’s not wise to listen to people’s horror stories and the most important thing I can do is listen to my body.

At first listening to my body felt like some form of torture. What are you supposed to do when your body’s screaming on the inside? Well, it’s not so hard, actually. When I was tired, I slept. When I was anxious, I felt any way to relax by listening to music, watching a feel good TV show or movie (hello Gilmore Girls reruns for the 30th time!!), resting a lot, and not beating myself up about what I could no longer do. I took it one day at a time and put one foot in front of the other, hoping that the pieces will eventually fall into place. And, luckily, they did! I finished two books in the past week, took a lot of photos for upcoming blog posts, and started drafts in the order that I’d like to post each blog post. Not a whole lot, but enough for now.

Also, at 9 weeks pregnant, I’m already showing quite a bit (as you can see from my above photo). None of my pants fit, most of my other clothes are tight, and bras? Lol, let’s just say my usual C cup bra appears to laugh at me when I hold it up to my chest. Whenever I have to hug someone goodbye, it’s painful. And all people keep saying is, “Really, already??”. What people don’t realize when they’ve never been pregnant is how incredibly FAST major changes occur. And that the worst of the pregnancy symptoms are at the beginning, not further into pregnancy (although, I know new symptoms will occur along the way). My body is so incredibly different from how it used to look and feel.

Lastly, I went for a follow up ultrasound two days ago to make sure that the hematoma in my uterus has decreased in size from being placed on modified bed rest and I’m happy to say that it has! It’s nearly reduced in half as it reabsorbs back into my body, so I’m on bed rest for another week until I go back for yet another follow up ultrasound to make sure everything is continuing to improve.

So, you’ll be seeing regular blog posts from me on the topics I mentioned in my Life Update blog post! Now that I’m feeling better, I can really focus on providing the best content that I can.

To finish up, the baby now looks like the shape of an actual baby in my most recent ultrasound! At least, my husband and I can see the baby shape, but maybe we’re biased! There’s a prominent head and the baby is in the fetal position!


Have a beautiful week!



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