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Root Cosmetics Radiant Beauty Collection Review


Hi, loves! Today I’d like to do a quick review of Root’s NEW Radiant Beauty Collection, which will be released on their website tomorrow, May 6th! Root released this collection in trial sizes in their April Pretty Club, which is how I got these lovely goodies before they release in full size tomorrow. Root collaborated with two lovely Green Beauty Bloggers from and who designed the five items in this amazing collection!

What I loved most about this month’s April Pretty Club is that we received five generously sized trial sizes and one full sized Pretty Balm in all coordinating shades to make one final sweet, peachy look that is PERFECT for the upcoming warmer months! And, these neutral shades will be staples for any time of the year, as well. I would LOVE IT if Root decides to offer these adorable smaller eyeshadow pots for their loose pigments! After using mineral makeup for over 10 years, I’ve accumulated a huge collection of loose eyeshadows and any makeup lover knows how hard it is to use up a giant jar of loose eyeshadow. These smaller sizes are the perfect size to sample shades, get a variety of colors, and take with you on the go! Plus, they might actually just get used up, which will help me add some makeup items to my empties list!

There are three Eyeshadows, one Blushing Bronze, and one Pretty Balm, which IS a slightly different formula than Root’s existing shades of Pretty Balms. I was very excited to hear that confirmation from Root’s founder, Krista, on IG! This new formula is absolute PERFECTION and all of their new shades for their Spring/Summer lines will be in this new formula, which I’m so excited about!

Swatch time!

From left to right:

A Team, Centsible, Pursuit, Sunniest, and Loyal

A Team: a light rose gold satin highlight shade. On me, since I’m so incredibly pale, this is more of a “one color lid wash” and to add a little extra of a highlight effect, I like to add Root’s Snow Peach pressed shadow to the browbone, inner corner, and center of my lid. For the purpose of this review, I skipped that step for today so that I would only be using the products in this collection for my final FOTD below. A Team is also very similar to Root’s Holland shade, which is also a pink-toned light gold shade, but Holland is more overtly shimmery and one shade darker than A Team. I’ll have Comparison swatches at the end of this review for those who already own Holland in their collection.

Centsible: is a medium brown with a bronze/plum undertone and golden sheen with a satin finish. This shade is on the sheer side, but it can be built up in layers for a more dramatic effect. I love this shade in my faux crease (since I have very hooded eyes and I have to fake my crease). Since this shade is a satin finish, I think it would be fine for people who prefer matte shades in the crease. I also think Centsible would be a LOVELY one color lid shade! Perfect for people who want an easy makeup look during the week. Centsible is also very close to Root’s Portland loose shadow and Root’s Stella Pressed Shadow. The main difference is that Portland is very shimmery and Stella is more pigmented so it can be built to a darker shade than Censtible. Comparison swatches below.

Pursuit: is a beautiful dark eggplant, burgundy brown shade with a satin finish. This shade is also on the sheerer side, but I LOVE that about it. It can be used with a liner brush for a subtle liner and the burgundy undertone is so pretty on brown eyes (I’m a little biased)! This shade can also be used in the crease and/or outer V to deepen up the overall eye look.

All three of these eyeshadow shades are perfectly curated to create both daytime and night-time looks! The fact that they’re neutral shades with subtle flares of different undertones makes them perfect to use during the work-week, so I know you’ll get plenty of use out of these colors.

Sunniest blushing bronze: is a peachy, nude satin blush with a hint of added bronze undertone. This is a lovely shade to brighten up your complexion to give you that coveted “sun-kissed”, healthy effect. I love Root’s Petal Blushing Bronze, so I was incredibly excited to see a warmer toned version! These are perfect for women who don’t want to necessarily bother with bronzer on days when we’re not going full out glam with our makeup (which for me lately is most days). Sunniest will add a pop of blush with a hint of dimension to your cheek bones!

Loyal: a beautiful light peachy, nude Pretty Balm that adds just enough color to your pout without looking like you’re wearing full on lipstick. It’s a sheer shade that can be built up, but only to a certain point. It’s definitely a light peachy shade, but I absolutely love the subtle pop of color it brings. And oh, the moisture and feel is absolutely amazing! As soon as I swatched this color on my lips for the first time, I fell instantly in love with the new formula! As I said on IG a few days ago, I’m a tough person to please when it comes to lippie formulas and this is hands down one of my favorite lippie formulas of all time. Plus each tube is $8.00 and that’s a very reasonable price-point for a moisture-powerhouse lip balm and gloss in one! I will be incredibly “loyal” to this pretty balm and I plan to take it with me wherever I go! Plus, it’ll match just about anything πŸ™‚




Comparison Swatches

The below photos show the shades that I have in my Root Eyeshadow collection that I feel are similar enough to the new shadows. I took three different photos to show the difference in shimmer and overall effect between the shades. I only owned 7 Root eyeshadows before I received the three from this Radiant Beauty Collection, so I definitely wasn’t trying to find dupes.

From Left to Right:

A Team, Holland, Censtible, Portland, Stella

A Team vs Holland: Both are light rose-gold shades with the same pink undertone/base and gold shimmer. A Team is one shade lighter than Holland and A Team is a satin finish, whereas Holland is a shimmer finish.

Centsible vs Portland & Stella: all three have the same bronze brown with slight plum undertones. Censtible is the sheerest with a satin finish. Portland has the most shimmer. Stella is a slightly deeper, more opaque variation of Censtible. Do you need all three? It’s up to you. If you already own Portland or Stella, you can decide. I’m just here to inform that there are definite similarities.


Final Look


For my final look, I used all Root Cosmetics that I’ve purchased over the past few months since I fell in love with my first Root package!


  • Root Pretty Booster in light
  • Pearl Powder Foundation in 3 (I believe that’s G1 now)
  • Root Original Bronze
  • Root Finishing Dust
  • Sunniest Blushing Bronze
  • Loyal Pretty Balm
  • A Team applied all over the lid and inner corner. Censtible applied to the outer 2/3rds. Pursuit applied as a liner on the upper and lower lashlines. I also added a layer of Pursuit to my outer corner for added dimension!
  • 100% Lash Mascara in Black
  • A Team applied as a face Highlight on the tops of my cheekbones, nose, and cupid’s bow.


I definitely recommend adding some or all of these shades to your collection! I particularly love the versatility of the new satin eyeshadow formula.  It’s buildable, extremely blendable and so easy to work with. As most of you know, I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather from relentless pregnancy symptoms, so I haven’t been wearing full-on makeup like I usually do. I’m really enjoying this collection because it’s subtle without being “too much”, which is perfect for so many occasions. Throwing on some Pearl Powder foundation, Sunniest Blushing Bronze, a quick swipe of A Team with a coat of 100% Natural Lash Mascara and a final pop of Loyal Pretty Balm is the perfect no makeup-makeup look for these warmer months! Plus, peachy hues are beautiful in the fall, as well πŸ™‚

What I’d love to see from Root in the future:

  • More Pretty Balm shades in the new formula!
  • A skincare line tailored for acne-prone skin, in particular. No Argan or coconut oil, please!
  • A Finishing Dust to combat Oily Skin. As much as I like the current Finishing Dust, which is made up of only mica and aloe vera powder, these two ingredients don’t do much to control my very oily skin. Especially during the warmer weather, us oily-skinned gals will need some extra help keeping our mineral makeup in place!

Root continues to wow me with their growing line of wonderful and creative products! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in the future! Be sure to check out this new Radiant Beauty Collection when it launches tomorrow. (This link will give you 10% off your order!) 

Have a beautiful, glowing day!



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    1. So glad you liked my review! I bookmarked Root’s site for months before I made my first purchase. I was really glad when I did finally take the plunge! I’ve found some of my HG products from them, which is something I never thought would happen after so many years of moving from brand to brand, lol. Let me know if you do decide to pick up anything and what you think! πŸ’žπŸŒΉ


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